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Nude In Water Photography

Nude In Water

Nude In Water Studio Photography

Over many years I have always enjoyed creating images using a nude in water, whether outdoors on location or in the studio. First starting with the beauty photography, where water is one of the most commonly used elements to show a healthy moisturised skin I then moved on to beauty nudes where it was just as useful and later on with some glamour photography as well. Continue reading

Free Lighting Information With Bowens Litebook

I recently found a very interesting site run by Bowens who make professional lighting equipment for studio photographers and they produce an online magazine that is free to view with a clear accent on lighting. Too many photographers get very excited about camera equipment but don’t think specifically enough about the lighting itself and how it will affect the mood and feel of the image when shooting glamour and nude photography.

Obviously there is a degree of bias if you can call it that towards Bowens equipment but regardless of what system you use it contains some very useful tips and information, covering everything from nudes and glamour through to still life and portraits.

It’s all a good read and worth checking out. You can go to the site and sign up for free updates so they let you know every time there is a new issue.