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Nude In Water Photography

Nude In Water

Nude In Water Studio Photography

Over many years I have always enjoyed creating images using a nude in water, whether outdoors on location or in the studio. First starting with the beauty photography, where water is one of the most commonly used elements to show a healthy moisturised skin I then moved on to beauty nudes where it was just as useful and later on with some glamour photography as well. Continue reading

Why Professional Camera Equipment Is A Better Choice

camera equipment

Camera Equipment

Very often I find photographers hankering after the latest and greatest camera equipment; frequently trading in their gear every 12 months or so as each new model is announced, even when there are only very small real differences. Continue reading

Shooting Professional Glamour Photography In An Apartment

topless glamour photography

Glamour Photography

The topless glamour image above was done as part of job a couple years ago using my 1DsII and a Tamron 28-75 zoom. The photo was taken in a narrow hallway, so space was pretty tight. According to the Exif data for that image I still managed to work at 75mm though, which is a very reasonable focal length for glamour.  Continue reading

New eBook On Nude Photography For Professionals

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

New eBook On Nude Photography For Professionals

United Kingdom, 17th September 2010.

nude photography ebookA new eBook in PDF format titled “How To photograph Nudes Like A Professional” has been released; aimed at helping aspiring amateur and professional photographers who want to improve their nude photography.


Including more than 325 pages of text, alongside images taken from professional assignments around the world, it covers fine art, beauty and glamour genres. Unlike previous books on nude photography however, it tackles the subject from the perspective of a working professional photographer, examining key questions such as finding the right model, creating a team, editing your images and much more.


The book was written by Ashley Karyl; a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience photographing models for high-level clients both on location and in the studio, enabling him to provide information that is relevant and valuable to the reader.


Although the book centres on the topic of nudes, many of the included explanations and thoughts are of practical use to any photographer who shoots models and wants to see a rapid improvement in their progress towards a more professional level.


The book is now available for immediate download exclusively at http://www.nudephotopro.com/.