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Art Of Boudoir eBook

art of boudoir

Art Of Boudoir Photography With Speedlights

Art Of Boudoir Photography With Speedlights is the title of a PDF eBook written by Michael Zelbel, which looks specifically at the area of how to shoot boudoir images in a bedroom with simple portable speedlight flash and how to make it work reliably, so that you come away with good images. Continue reading

How Will Photographers Store Image Files In Future?

If you look around there are clear signs that the days of backing up our images on discs may be rather fewer than many of us had previously imagined. I’ve come to this conclusion after piecing together a few sparate bits of information and wondering what impact this could have on us as photographers in the long term. Regardless of whether you are shooting nudes or landscapes, digital asset management is of vital importance to professional photographers, so this is something we need to be aware of.

Continue reading

Why Professional Camera Equipment Is A Better Choice

camera equipment

Camera Equipment

Very often I find photographers hankering after the latest and greatest camera equipment; frequently trading in their gear every 12 months or so as each new model is announced, even when there are only very small real differences. Continue reading

Fine Art Nude Photography In Movement

Fine Art Nude Photography

Nude Photography In Movement

The above nude image is was taken as part of a beauty editorial I did in Italy on the coast of Tuscany with a beautiful white sandy beach. The model was a crazy Brazilian girl with a lot of personality and she was great fun. I remember we set out early that morning in a borrowed Alfa Romeo (which later broke down) together with another model from Iceland.  Continue reading

35mm DSLR V Digital Medium Format For Nude Photography

medium format

Canon 1DsII + 24-105L

Medium Format v 35mm

Photographed above are a Mamiya 645 medium format camera withe a 31MP Leaf digital back and a Canon 1DsII with a 24-105L zoom. Both cameras have their pros and cons and I think it’s worth looking at what they both have to offer. Continue reading

Fine Art Nude Photography By Candlelight

fine art nude photography candle

Fine Art Nude Shot By Candlelight Using A 50mm Lens

Fine Art Nude By Candlelight

W Eugene Smith once said, “I only ever use available light. Flash light, strobe, flood light. Whatever light is available I will use”. We should all remember that the literal translation of photography means to paint with light, so as photographers there should be no form of light that we won’t consider when creating images. Continue reading

Topless glamour advertising image for sun tanning product

Topless Glamour Model

Topless Glamour image for advertising

Topless glamour image for advertising

Earlier today I was sifting through a storage area underneath the stairs where I found a large box that contained roughly a dozen folders with a large chunk of my old film archives and it was a real trip down memory lane. In the first folder I found the transparency for this image which is actually from the very last job I did on film before my first experiments with digital. Continue reading

Canon 85mm F1.8 for Glamour, Beauty and Nudes

Canon 85mm F1.8

The lens you see above is a Canon 85mm F1.8 that I originally purchased back in about 1992 if my memory serves me right. It’s actually the second oldest lens in my collection and I’ve used it on countless jobs over the years. Remarkably it still feels & handles like a brand new lens, performing well in the era of high resolution digital cameras, even though it was very much intended for film use when originally designed. Continue reading