Model Agencies – Searching For Nude And Glamour Photography Models

model agencies

Model Agencies

Model Agencies

I write about this subject in much greater depth in my nude photography eBook however here are a few points to bear in mind when approaching a model agency to organise a casting.First of all you need to have a clear idea regarding the kind of model you need for your project and with that in mind find an appropriate agency. As a basic example avoid going to an agency which is aimed at highly editorial style fashion if you intend to produce a girl next door type glamour calendar. Frankly you’ll only be wasting everybody’s time and end up creating the wrong impression.

Once you have found the right kind of model agencies be very clear in your own mind about what you are looking for. Again this avoids wasting everybody’s time, so if you really need a slim sultry brunette for glamour or fine art nudes, tell the agencies those exact details or you will spend all day looking at natural redheads with freckles and very commercial blondes.

On the day of the casting I always like to turn up a little early, whether it takes place at the studio or the model agency. Many of the models frequently arrive a little early and at the very least it’s a sign of being professional if you are already there and ready to start on time.

One of the biggest mistakes that photographers make is when they fail to keep notes, so it’s worth taking a pen with you to write down any quick relevant points because it can be harder to remember these points than you imagine after you have seen 30 different models in quick succession.

Above all be friendly, polite and professional in your approach both with the models and the model agencies that you deal with. Good luck!

Here is a link to one of the better established UK model agencies with some good level professional glamour models Samantha Bond

8 thoughts on “Model Agencies – Searching For Nude And Glamour Photography Models

  1. Sam Caxton

    I like shooting models but so far I haven’t worked up the courage to contact a real model agency and just go to websites like model mayhem. I think working with professional agencies would be a definite step up the ladder for me.

  2. Simon Perry

    I find model agencies can be really snobby but I guess it’s just a case of being at the right level. From their perspective they don’t want to waste time with photographers who won’t get any work or might make their models look bad.

  3. Tamanna

    Hi to all of u. i am 25 years of from capital of India Delhi. Looking and very much interested for nude modelling. While i am 51kg of weight. 151 cm height and my status is 34b 28 32.

    1. Deepak

      HI Tamanna,
      Please let me know if you are still interested. We are professional photographers and looking for a model for bold shoots for non commercial and non re-sale use. Please let me know. Thanks.


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