How To Ruin An Alfa Romeo

Something earlier reminded me of a funny story from many years ago and I thought it was worth retelling as a bit of fun to kick off the new year. Going back to the early 90’s there was a rather well known fashion photographer in Milan had just taken on a new assistant (not me) and had asked him to pack away some equipment that had to be transported to an assignment where they would be shooting a series of nude photography images for a beauty editorial.

The assistant looked around and saw a rather dazzling new Alfa Romeo spyder in bright red rather like the one that Dustin Hoffman drove in his film The Graduate. As he tried to get all the items in the baggage space of this tiny car the young assistant felt a mild sense of panic, but he didn’t want to look like he couldn’t handle the challenge, so he persisted and eventually managed to get everything in there. He tried closing the boot (trunk in the US) but it wouldn’t quite close since there was a metal camera case there that was just a little too tall to close easily.

After two or three delicate attempts he decided it would only work if he put some effort into it, so with an almighty thump he threw down the boot lid and managed to close it, leaving four neat holes in the boot lid of his boss’s new Alfa as the hard edges of the camera case poked through. As blind panic started to set in with the realisation of what he had done, his boss screamed from around the corner to ask why he hadn’t even started to fill the mini van yet…

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