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Somebody asked me recently if I had abandoned the blog and the simple answer is no. I’ve just been flat out busy with photography work and I’m also knee deep writing a new book that I hope will be ready in about a month if all goes well. I’ll share more details about that nearer the release date.

Frankly I’m always a little suspicious of photographers who can post blog updates almost every day. How busy can they really be?  Continue reading

Daylight Nude Photography


Daylight Nude Photography

Daylight Nude Photography

Nothing beats daylight nude photography when done properly. It has a soft warmth and natural delicacy that is very hard if not impossible to match with flash or other light sources. There are several reasons why professional photographers might choose to fly half way across the world to photograph a series of images but high up on that list will be the quality of available daylight. Continue reading

Glamour Models

Glamour Models

Glamour Models – How to find and choose the ideal glamour model.

Glamour models are generally somewhat different from the models I would normally work with for beauty or fine art nudes. They tend to have a more rounded curvaceous form with larger breasts and a more overtly sexy look. They are also generally found in different kinds of model agencies than the typical fashion models. Continue reading

Nude In Water Photography

Nude In Water

Nude In Water Studio Photography

Over many years I have always enjoyed creating images using a nude in water, whether outdoors on location or in the studio. First starting with the beauty photography, where water is one of the most commonly used elements to show a healthy moisturised skin I then moved on to beauty nudes where it was just as useful and later on with some glamour photography as well. Continue reading

Art Of Boudoir eBook

art of boudoir

Art Of Boudoir Photography With Speedlights

Art Of Boudoir Photography With Speedlights is the title of a PDF eBook written by Michael Zelbel, which looks specifically at the area of how to shoot boudoir images in a bedroom with simple portable speedlight flash and how to make it work reliably, so that you come away with good images. Continue reading

Composite Images In Glamour And Nude Photography

Topless Image On Beach

In recent years it has become much more common to see composite images (sometimes known as a montage) like the one above where a subject is inserted into a background photo during post production retouching. Sometimes it produces amazing results but frequently I think photographers are getting it badly wrong and the final image can be quite poor. Continue reading